Fed up:
stars within talent who just know selling their bodies
misinformation of national tv
fed up!
those believe that just use a mask make heirself anonymous
artists who don't write theirself
people who lives on credit enriches banks
girls who have as model fucking bimbos
related harm, legal drugs, no no no
faggets at the dinner time
for young people died for liberty
against money aginst dictatory
saodies and their hates messages on the egyptian TV
fucking administration
fucking updater
google empire who make hard law
hadopi who doesn't even well securise lulz!
flaners people bisounours raver
pyramids destroyers
young boss who follow laws and earn nothing!
fat horses e-step make money
could you do anything?
you have got a rollex and 4X4
you think you have a succeful living?
for all young people died for liberty, for young people died
fuckoff your politics!
christianophobi, fed up
islamophobi, fed up
technolophobi, fed up
music industry, burn up

kids are united:
hey! welcome to my boat
just live a new day, a new hope
are you ready to eat the red pill?
join the blacksheeps
and see all hypocrites
blaow, reboot the system
i do not forget
we break the silence
what we do?
we fight for you
thismake me a witch?
no i'm just like true
illuminatis you don't take control
wake up! power on my saoul
you dazzle, the human race
whith your slyness
the true is darkness
i'm not blind, the reason is dead
i feel vibration from my hate
i do fear your idea with my trust
kids are united
expect us
i shot on the food industries
i hate gardians who dominate a little poney
i fuck all stupid bitch
who destroy our cell witch
who lost their dignity
fuck the police and human justice
i smoke weed,i forget it, the bullshit!!
let's go to the darknet
the last way to save my planet
ho kid join my family




before i die:
i would like to see a child playing in a world without war ans pain
before i die.
i would like to see a woman without being dominated by religion
before i die
and we are powerfull
we can change
and they are criminals
we have to stop them
i would like to see a child playing in a world without war and pain
before i die
i would like to see animals free to live without to be killed
i'm gonna fight until
my last breath, before i die
poverty, misery, polution, destruction
genocide, pedophiles, starvation, corruptions


the are letting my eyes to cry
seeds fly
no more lies
through time
fight to give a smile
this face has several lifes
fight to give a smile

no more lies
i see too much empty face
fed up of long cry
i feel so much pain
be chained from the inside
it's always wrong everytime
keep on keep on
it's realy, enough for me
i vomit the shame
on the face ofall these sicks brain
lose your feeling?
lose your meaning
ho yes, for ever!
keep on keep on
wake up everything
our reality feeds your fiction
the way has one direction
now! whose could believe the past
now! nobody can afford sit back
keep on keep on
wake up everything
never! never again

big bang data:
les 2 pieds dans la flaque
big bang attaque
je dors pasla nuit sous tension
sur le chemin de l'abnégation
bienvenue dans la famille pirate
big bang attaque
prêt à m'éveiller à tout instant
j'ai suivie la route du lapin blanc
comme un cri dans le désert
comme un code de travers
j'ai comme un halo au milieu de l'enfer
mon syndrome s'installe dans l'atmosphère
ne te cache pas, ce monde est translucide
Mr Smith tiens toi tranquille
désinvolte avec le sourire
vendre ma liberté, plutôt mourir
comme des piques d'adrénaline
c'est des légions entières que je décime
j'explores les mondes parallèles
smaug, je vais te couper les ailes
le bon sens est enterré sous terre
blaow, ça me donne la gerbe
j'ai fais taire le dragon à milles têtes
comme un retour des guerriers toltèques
comme un cri dans le désert
comme une ligne de code de travers
j'ai comme un halo dans l'enfer
je vole dans l'atmosphère


world = sharing
j'ai la haine, après le printemps
de l'emprise d'Isis sur les ignorants
encore une course aux pétrodollars
bien maquillée par balthazar
j'irais au port de Sion
leur rappeler la couleurs des bas-fonds
encore une guerre de capitalistes
on va tous finir par péter un disque
we are gonne, the world sharing has come
no queremos de tus billetes
los conocimientos deven ser libres
information libre para siempre
la verda corta como un sabre
we are gonne
now the target is blocked, the battle explosed
yeah, we are gonne, yeah the world sharing has come
i want to kill the lies...


credo revolution:
incites you
incites me
so fuck this shit
incites you
incites me
forever, ever revolution
incites you
incites me
to revolution
incites you
incites me
it makes me sick